5 Features Your Guide/Outfitter Website Must Have

Your website is probably the single most important marketing asset you have when it comes to marketing your guiding or outfitting company. When somebody searches services in your area and is directed to your website, this is the first introduction piece to your business, and first impressions last. It’s important to get it right the first time.

What will a well developed website do for you?

  1. Aesthetically pleasing and will grab visitors attention within 3 seconds
  2. Attract future clients and leads.
  3. Educate and effectively convert leads into clients.

Below are 5 things that you can add to your website that will help grab visitors’ attention and convert your leads into bookings. Let’s dive in!

Professional Logo

The importance of a clean and well-organized website cannot be stressed enough. More importantly your logo is the very first thing people will notice on your website, business card or other marketing resources. It is one of the key elements in your branding profile and should not only be memorable but also visually describe your business.

A Killer Photo or Two

The first thing your website visitors should see is your best highest quality image that represents your business and what you do. This may be the biggest fish a client caught to this day, or the biggest buck that been harvested under your guidance. This will help grab the attention of visitors are inspire them to stay and continue learning about your services.

What’s in it for me?

In a few words, tell your website visitors what is special and unique about the guiding service you are offering and how they will ultimately benefit from booking a trip with you. This is where you should state your unique sales proposition or one liner. This brief description should paint a picture of what your clients will experience after booking a trip.

Call to Action

Call to actions are key tools used to capture leads and help visitors navigate your website. Using high quality images and designs, this area should display your websites services such as particular packages, photo gallery’s, special offers, etc. Beside these displays Should be a large CTA button “BOOK NOW”. Be creative and think about why people are visiting your site and what they would want to experience the most.

Testimonials as Social Proof

Make sure to include an area that displays 3-4 testimonials from individuals that have used your services in the past. This will add credibility to your site and build confidence in your website visitors. Showing guests that others have had a great experience purchasing your services is one of the most effective free marketing tools you can use.

Contact us for more tips and trick’s on how to make your website as efficient at capturing leads as possible.

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